Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Writers Rock: Email me.

After reading the comments, I realized that I did not have my contact information on this blog. My email is now on my profile. If you are interested in this blog and/or Jenks. Email me.

Parent Involvement at Jenks is Wonderful

I just wanted to mention that the parents and families of Jenks make it a special place to be. Below is not an exhaustive list of parents that I have had the pleasure of meeting during the time before we chose Jenks and during our first year at the school. I will probably add to it as my brain cells start to fire.

Home and School Association: Board Members

Eden Kainer and Laverne Bess

Stephanie McKissic

Tynnetta O. McCain

Below is a list of the parents that I have had the pleasure of meeting while at Jenks.

Barbara Thomson (Previdi)

Bob Previdi

Karen Aves

Jenny Norland (who keeps us all up to date by changing the sign in front of Jenks)

Brian Rudnick: (Jenks blog)

Supreme Dow: (The Men of Jenks)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kindergarten Tea: February 17th

Doldrums or Winter Wonderland: It is all Perspective

The middle of winter and the Groundhog did not see his shadow, enough to make any California native very depressed. And then I hear the yelling and screaming and fighting and playing and am forced to see things from another perspective; the six (almost) and three year old perspective.

Six inches of snow is very cool, a day off school is good but we still spend the day discussing our classmates and daily routines. This is the perspective of a person who embraces each day, enjoys her classmates, enjoys her teachers especially her new student teacher (thank you Miss Megan) and just basically gets what we adults do not….life is good and exciting and offers continued opportunities to learn…even when it is 15 degrees Fahrenheit.