Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Night of the Year

An evening of art and music beginning with the Orchestra, including all Chorus groups and the Band.  All groups captivated the audience. A few favorites were the performance of "Happy Blues" by the Orchestra, "La Bamba" by the 4th-5th Grade Chorus, "Rolling in the Deep" by the Select Chorus, "You Are My Sunshine" by the Wee Sing Chorus (Kindergartners), "Take Five" by the All-School Band and "Soap and Water" by the 1st-3rd Grade Chorus.

Over 200 students (40%) of the school population are involved with these programs. These experiences are above the music classes offered to all students.  What an opportunity for these students.

The evening was a result of the dedicated and hard work of the music teachers, Mr. Kell and Mr. Leland, the Strings instructor, Mr. Wesner, and the director of the All School Band, Mr. Franchetti and Art Teacher, Cristin Harrington.  Special thanks to Mr. Fitzsimmons, Ms. Stein, Ms. Moore, Ms. Tish, Ms. Frost and special thanks to Principal, Ms. Lynskey.

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