Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parents go Positive

Message: Cooperation, cool heads and innovation can result in change.

Setting: Cold, snowy and dreary January

Problem: Indoor recess consisting of no outdoor time and movies (not an issue to some parents but a huge concern to others- beauty of a diverse community)
Resolution: Before the issue continued to escalate and became an insurmountable problem, parents came together and discussed the issue at a Home and School Association (HSA) board meeting. Three parents then met with administration. During the conversation the topic of bobcats coming in and removing snow from the playground (blacktop) was mentioned, at first the idea seemed unfeasible but the idea then developed and a tentative plan of action was made. The issues discussed in the meeting were then reported back to other parents and within hours resourceful first grade parent, Stephanie Mayes, had coordinated the rental of a bobcat. The next day first grade parent, David Mednick (within hours) cleared the playground of snow. Over the weekend there was a bit of a thaw so more parents armed with shovels moved the slush and snow piles that might result in ice buildup on the playground. Monday AM came and the kids had morning announcements outside and then outdoor recess for two days UNTIL…..the extremely cold weather returned.

The kids may still have indoor recess but we are well prepared for when the warmer weather arrives. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!