Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for Neighborhood Schools

I have found that sending my daughter to school can be difficult, confusing and basically scary at times. There is always angst and self doubt about decisions made. In addition, I struggle with juggling my own goals and professional life as I try to support my children in their lives. No wonder I am tired!

As the J.S. Jenks annual Thanksgiving feast approached I thought about what I am thankful for regarding the school.

I am thankful that….

1. My daughter is happy and learning new things each day
2. My daughter feels part of the school community
3. I am able to walk my kids to school many days
4. I can raise my children in an urban neighborhood†
5. There is a wonderful playground at the school

† to read a great commentary on urban neighborhood revitalization
Commentary: Undermining Chestnut Hill’s future
by Bob Previdi