Thursday, November 20, 2008

Entering Kindergarten and starting this blog has made me obsessed with how people get information on any particular school. So when I am completely avoiding work, I search "Jenks" on google to see which sites are conveying information to current and prospective families.

So here are some hits from a search of just J.S. Jenks:

If you put in Jenks and Chestnut hill you will find hits regarding the schools coverage in the Local.

Lets keep the positive information flowing.

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RG59 said...

The Jenks School is uniquely situated in a community where immediate resisdents can have an impact on the direction and the quality of the educational programming for all students.

The blogspot represents one of many tools that can assist in providing others with an insight into the current initiatives taking place at Jenks designed to create a positive educational environment.