Sunday, October 4, 2009

Potential Jenks' Parents

There are many positive things happening in school! The feeling is reflected in both test scores and parent comments on the Great Schools website.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer September 4th, 2009:

Jenks ranked #2 in terms of positive gains for 5th grade math last year. That grade was also 89% proficient in math, a great distance from the average of 40-50% for Philly public schools.

A recent posting from Great

Posted September 27, 2009

Jenks teachers really care about the well-being of the students. They are commited to prepare the students to attend some of the best high schools in the city.

If you are a parent who is considering J. S. Jenks Elementary School please join our "potential parents listserv" and attend our on-going "Kindergarten Teas".

Potential Parents Listserv

Upcoming Teas:

Have a tour of the school: First Monday of any month at 10AM to join a group
tour of the school led by the principal, Ms. Lynskey.

Below are some directions on transfer forms and the process:

If you are interested in considering Jenks and are outside of the
Catchment Zone, you need to fill out a "Volunteer Transfer Form"
available from the Philadelphia School District site website:

The deadline to fill out a form is October 30th.

The principal from your local (catchment) school will need to sign
this form, and then a copy of the form needs to be given to Jenks (or
any other schools you may want to list) to keep on file. It is
recommended that you hand deliver the form to the Philadelphia
district office to ensure it actually gets there.

This form has to be on file at the school district in order for you to
be eligible for a transfer. Transfers are by lottery and many
families do not actually receive a transfer through the district.
However, the Jenks principal has a certain amount of discretion in
accepting transfers, so, as long as you have your transfer form in,
she can place you on a waiting list and potentially accept you to the
school even if the lottery transfer does not come through.

Here is a list of things that you should consider doing if you are
interested in a transfer:

1. Fill out the Voluntary Transfer Form
2. Arrange to meet with the J.S. Jenks principal, Ms. Lynskey (call
the main office; come for a tour on the 1st monday of the month,
3. Wait until you receive your notification about the transfer from
the district (usually in March or April). If you get in by lottery,
you are set. If not, go back and talk to Ms. Lynskey.

The Principal: Mary Lynsky is starting her 2nd year as principal, she is implementing new programs and continues to expand and support the great programs thatwere in place when she arrived last year.

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