Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jenks' Parents and the SRC

Meetings are a regular part of my "day job". So when it was suggested that we gather a group of parents to attend the School Reform Council meeting in January, I was supportive but not enthusiastic. I am sure other parents also felt the same way about yet another meeting....BUT J.S. Jenks really made an impact. We had 9 parents support our 3 parent speakers. Many more parents were supportive but unable to attend an afternoon meeting.

The meeting was delayed and relatively long but from my vantage point well worth the effort. We had a spectacular team of parents speaking for the school an in particular regarding a proposal submitted by the principal last March. Gerald Wright, Bob Previdi and Julia Reeb were articulate, passionate and to the point. Although the outcome is yet to be known, we captured the attention of the SRC council, Dr. Ackerman, the Regional Superintendent, Penny Nixon and a recruit for the “potential parents” list-serv.

I really have not felt so good after a "meeting" in a very long time:)

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