Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evening with the Arts

Wow did I see a great show last evening. Complete with an art show and music including strings, choir, concert band and bucket drums (my personal favorite). The children involved numbered more than 100 (almost a quarter of the school) and I am not including the wee sing group (our Kindergarten choir). The art and music instruction is exceptional. Ms. Fisher put on a spectacular art show.

The concert portion of the evening was wonderful. The children are talented and the music instruction is fabulous and includes Mr. Wesner (Strings), Mr. Franchetti (Concert Band), Mr. Kell (Choir), Mr. Leland (Select Voices and the JAM program) and Mr. Chuong (Bucket Drums).

What private school puts on this spectacular event you ask. Well it is our local neighborhood public school which is actually not very well funded but what a product. Thanks to the administration, faculty, staff, parents and the students.

So help support the future of OUR city. Come to the Rally for Education at the Trolley Car Diner on Sunday May 15th at 1:00 PM.

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