Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're Making Music!

My youngest (Kid 2) has just started kindergarten at JS Jenks, so I now have a second child in the same school with the same kindergarten teacher as my eldest (Kid 1).  However the accommodation, acclimation and behavior between the children were very different.  Yet the result is equally positive; a happy child who is learning to be adaptable in a new environment and learning much. 

 One example is the experience of Kid 2 in music class. When I observed him in a monthly “Wee Sing” event, where parents come to class with their children, he was fidgety and a bit of an “attention-seeker”. I am sure his behavior is not entirely different when I am not present. However, he has absorbed the lessons of the class.  I learned this when my partner and I were frequently asked to attend “school” at home. Kid 2 would introduce himself as “Mr. G-Y”, grab his guitar and class begins. He sings and then we have to follow and join in. He stops class if we are not following properly; he wants us to learn the songs.  He sings, wants to play music and is basically excited for school each day. Thanks Mr. Kell!! And all the faculty and staff at J.S. Jenks.

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