Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings and my Daughters First PSSA

As I listened to WHYY this morning, I heard the phrase the "lethargy of daylight savings".

My daughter is nervous about her first PSSA exam cycle and we have been riding the anxiety wave for days. Aside from the kids hearing on the news about the cheating allegations or that test scores are used for teacher assessment, they now will not have their teacher in the testing room.  In addition, my daughter also worries about too many "erasure marks".  And finally, the "powers that be" scheduled these exams to begin the day after the clocks "spring forward".  I am tired and groggy, I can only imagine how the kids are feeling as parents all over the city are dragging them out of bed, trying to feed them and get them to school on time.

I implore the district or Harrisburg or whomever schedules these "high impact" exams to wear the hat of a third grader during the process.

I am sure my daughter will feel better after today, I believe the anticipation and "build up" is much worse than the exam. But to all of the adults trying to improve the district...can we think about the kids as well.

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AlwaysTeaching210 said...

The changes that have been made to the testing protocols and administering of the PSSA has been stressful for everyone that is involved in it, however someone definitely needs to think about the students when we plan these kinds of tests. As a teacher in Philadelphia, I know that the testing window is a state mandate but however, individual schools and administration decide on what the testing schedules will look like for that period of time. For example, my school is starting testing tomorrow and we will test: Tues, Wed, Thurs and repeat for the following week until all sections are complete.
I understand your concern and frustration for your kids because I see it in my own students and unfortunately their anxiety is so high, especially this year that I hope it doesn't hinder their knowing in what they are capable of. It is a shame that our nation has relied so heavily on state standardized assessments without paying much attention to how much it is really hurting and discouraging so many of our students. Best of luck to you and your kids in this "stressful" time.