Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red, White & Blue Day

All Philly schools are NOT failing. All charters are NOT successful. The only "good" Philly  schools are NOT the magnets (Masterman etc).

J.S. Jenks is a neighborhood school with the majority of kids from the NorthWest section of Philadelphia. In spite of the drama and ineffectual leadership at 440 over the years, in spite of the reduced funding, in spite of all of these factors WE SUCCEED.

The Red White and Blue day performance by the 1st graders was an amazing performance. How Mr. Kell gets these kids to learn the songs and movements is a mystery.  At one point he conducted them to a silence point in the song .....and they were silent. I cannot get my two kids to be silent at the same time at home!


I constantly have WOW moments regarding Jenks.

1. WOW- all teachers (some with and some without power) were at school the day after Sandy.

2. WOW- a trip has been organized to take some of our JAM students to Ocean City to collaborate musically and bring toys for the kids.

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